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The groom steps forward and announces his claim before asking who gives his bride away Once the bride's father/presenter has introduced himself the groom's father asks whether the bride will take his son as a husband The following is a list of the 23 of the British comedy series Jeeves and Wooster which aired from 1990 to 1993 The titles are taken from the DVD collections All run approximately 50 minutes (Note: In the tables below Episode # refers to an episode's number in the entire run of the show; Series # refers to an episode's number in each series.) When Gao learns about the upcoming team tournament known as the Aibo Buddy Cup (ABC) he wants to participate in it with Baku and Kuguru as his teammates However Gao and Baku soon argue over the naming of their team and go their separate ways Later Kuguru invites Gao to her home where he finds Baku constructing Tetsuya's deck in the hopes of conciliating things between Gao and Baku Meanwhile after winning several Buddyfights against his partners Kakumo Maihama and Raita Niitani Noboru walks back home and is followed by a mysterious old man Having seen all of Noboru's fights the old man criticizes his playstyle and suggests to add the El Quixote card to help his deck but Noboru ignores him He then sees Tetsuya on the street and decides to challenge him to a Buddyfight as a warmup to the. While Gao and Drum go to the Sengoku Academy dormitory to buy food for their friends Kazane volunteers to fight against Shosetsu Kirisame who uses a Legend World deck Shosetsu quickly defeats her on his second turn prompting Zanya to fight next While battling Zanya Shosetsu recalls the time when he first saw Rouga and was in awe of his power to bring card effects into reality When Rouga first arrived in Sengoku Academy Shosetsu tried to fight him but was utterly defeated He submitted himself to Rouga and became his servant but only as a cover to bide his time and learn the secret of Rouga's power. The House Stark line of succession at the beginning of the narrative is: 1 - Robb 2 - Bran 3 - Rickon 4 - Sansa 5 - Arya Rickon outranks his older sister Sansa Jon Snow is a bastard with no right to inheritance. The Dornishmen do have a cultural tradition of keeping openly acknowledged mistresses/lovers called "paramours" even when they are already married to someone else By definition paramours are not "married": unlike the salt wives of the ironborn the children of paramours are considered bastards without inheritance rights (though unlike the rest of the Seven Kingdoms bastardy is not considered very shameful. The Free Folk clans that live beyond the Wall (called "wildlings" by the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms) also follow the religion of the Old Gods of the Forest like their Northmen cousins do (as both descend from the First Men) Wildling social customs however are apparently much simpler - given that they don't have a hereditary system of inheritance necessitating political s between different aristocratic dynasties The clergy of the Faith of the Seven (such as Septa Mordane) take vows of celibacy " I shall take no wife hold no lands father no children " ―Part of the oath taken by new members of the Night's Watch.[src] Certain organizations make their members take vows of celibacy These include: White Text 5 1 "Will Anatole Return to Brinkley Court?" 20 May 1990 (1990-05-20) 105 Jeeves returns to London to persuade Anatole to return to Brinkley Court whereto Bertie subsequently goes to reconcile Angela Travers with Tuppy Glossop who is growing increasingly suspicious and jealous of his relationship. Having exchanged their vows and kissed the now-married Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell turn to face the audience and receive their applause This last line is the central vow of the ceremony to the point that unwed lovers are known to playy quote it by telling each other "I am yours and you are mine from this day until the end of my days" (or variants thereof) as an expression of love Joffrey said this to Sansa in Season 1's "A Golden Crown" when he was briefly trying to be kind to her and gave her a Lannister lion necklace (though it wasn't clear to the audience at the time he was quoting a phrase from vows) while Tyrion and Shae said it to each other in Season 2 In noble families s are almost always by the heads of the Houses and often seal political alliances makes both noble families kin binding them together and thus obligates them to provide military aid to each other in case of conflicts with other noble families

The TV series released a behind-the-scenes video featurette on "Bastards of Westeros" including comments by Martin himself (click this link to view) Inheritance law See main article "Lordship" There are three major systems of inheritance law practiced in the Seven Kingdoms all variations on the winner-take-all rule of primogeniture Most of the Seven Kingdoms follow male-preference primogeniture: sons rank ahead of daughters in the line of succession (i.e Bran Stark is ahead of his older sister Sansa Stark in the line of succession and Tyrion was ahead of his older sister Cersei) Aunt Dahlia's magazine is in deep money trouble again so she wants to sell it to a Mr Trotter To make it more saleable she plans on paying a thousand pounds to a famous novelist for a story which means she has to pawn her pearl necklace Meanwhile Lady Florence Craye has an on-off engagement with the homicidal D'Arcy "Stilton" Cheesewright with Bertie being the cause of the break-ups An expert is brought in to value the pearls which have been replaced with fakes and there is a race on to sell the magazine and get the real ones back in time Both Jeeves and Bertie appear in drag in this episode. Opening theme "Luminize" by fripSide (eps 1-21) (Original Japanese) / (eps 1-48) (English Dub) "Beyond the Limit" by Hideyuki Takahashi (eps 22-48) Ending theme Gao Tasuku and the other participants of the ABC Cup are invited on a cruise ship party hosted by Kyoya Gaen who is working with Sophia to look for a candidate Buddyfighter to use the Dark Core and Disaster Force Later Kyoya tries to present a special rare card to be given to a Buddyfighter of his choosing but it goes missing Although it seemed as if the card was stolen it turns out that the card was in fact the monster Dragowizard Qinus Axia who had gone off on his own because he did not want to be given away In secret Kyoya activates Disaster Force to make icebergs appear while Sophia reverts Axia back into a card and threatens to destroy it When she throws the card away Gao and Drum catch it but are about to fall into the ocean They are both then saved by Tasuku and Jackknife Dragon in spite of Tasuku's recent ban Furthermore Tasuku uses Future Force and teams up with Jack to destroy the icebergs and protect the ship from crashing. The wedding ceremonies that mark the beginning of a vary between different religions and cultures Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen at their Dothraki wedding feast in Pentos The traditional Dothraki wedding ceremony is a daylong feast in which gifts are presented to the new couple Displays of personal combat duels to the death and wild public orgies are commonplace at such feasts A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair Wooster performs "Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors" a song from 1929 Also called "Bertie Is in Love" or "The Golf Tournament." Adapted from "Jeeves and the Yule-tide Spirit" (from Very Good Jeeves) "Episode of the Dog McIntosh" (from Very Good Jeeves) "Jeeves and the Song of Songs" (from Very Good Jeeves). After the lengthy hiatus from season 2 episode 26 to the season 3 finale; the English dub finally returns from the start of this season Opening theme Brave Soul Fight! by Sora Tokui and Shūta Morishima (eps 1-29) Buddyfighter x Buddyfighter By Jun Shirota (eps 30-52) Ending theme Also called "Bertie Ensures Bicky Can Continue To Live In Manhattan." Adapted from "Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg" (from Carry On Jeeves) "The Aunt and the Sluggard" (from Carry On Jeeves). From October 2 2015 to Ma dubbing was skipped for reasons unknown Dubbing of the series was paused for the second half of Hundred (season 2 starting with episode 26) and the entirety of Triple D (Season 3) Dubbing resumed for X's first episode (season 4) and has continued since Treated as 90-165 for the whole series the 75 skipped Future Card Buddyfight remain undubbed. Drum returns to Dragon World to seek advice on becoming stronger from his father He asks Drum if strength is all Drum wants and then kicks him into Dungeon World where Drum gets equipped with a new weapon and armor He saves a village by inadvertently slaying a rampaging golem monster The villagers (who look similar to Gao's human friends from Earth) then believe that Drum is a legendary hero and request him to defeat the king of the monsters in the mountains After being given a stone tablet that is reminiscent of a Buddyfight deck Drum uses it to summon other heroes who closely resemble Tasuku Baku Kuguru and Tetsuya to aid in his quest Although the group was initially disorganized Drum eventually realizes that working together and not giving up are keys to getting stronger He finishes the quest and reports back to his father who then kicks Drum into another world for more training. The ancient Valyrians were known to practice polygamy - it was not very frequent but it was not uncommon and unheard of either Aegon I Targaryen was simultaneously married to both of his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys Afterwards House Targaryen stopped practicing polygamy however realizing that it would greatly antagonize the Faith of the Seven which was already extremely upset about their incestuous bloodline and s (apparently they continued to practice incestuous s because fundamentally they already had an incestuous bloodline and nothing could change that but they could actively choose not to engage in polygamy anymore) In order to bolster Gussie Fink-Nottle's courage to deliver the prizes and propose to Madeline Bassett both Bertie and Jeeves spike his orange juice Jeeves finally sorts out all the fractured relationships with a plan to set off the fire alarm Also called "Brinkley Manor" or "The Matchmaker" Adapted from Right Ho Jeeves White Text Series 2[edit] Directed by Simon Langton. The between King Robert and Queen Cersei wasn't made for love but to secure a political alliance which is typical among the nobility in Westeros. The next quarterfinal match of the ABC Cup will be Noboru versus Magoroku Before the match begins Noboru meets with Magoroku in the student council room where it is revealed that Noboru had unwittingly been bribed by Magoroku to lose to him during the previous ABC Cup However he decides to not take his bribe this time but still intends to throw the match With helpful advice from El Quixote Noboru resolves himself to not only have a fair fight against Magoroku but also reconstruct his deck to include a certain card. At night the bride is led to the heart tree at the center of the godswood with lanterns set up to light. The entirety of this season did not get a dub translation it was also confirmed at the time before it aired that there were no plans to have it dubbed Opening theme Chronograph by Natsuhiro Takaaki (eps 1-27) DDD by Shouta Aoi (eps 28-51) Ending theme The religion of the Old Gods simply has no clergy so the wedding ceremony is usually officiated by the father of the groom (Roose) In the North where the Old Gods of the Forest still hold sway there is no clergy in the religion so the wedding ceremony is (apparently) simply officiated by the head of the groom's household (usually his father) The High Septon conducting the between King Joffrey Baratheon and Lady Margaery Tyrell. The Gregorian Reforms of the eleventh century not only resulted in a celibate priesthood but succeeded in making a politically stronger clergy not dominated by the nobility who could in time pressure the aristocracy to accept their moral dictates The Catholic Church began to redefine by placing limits on incestuous between cousins of a certain degree (see the main article on "Incest") Where once a man could marry his first cousin he now could not marry his third cousin or any closer relation It is theorized that the Church put limits on incestuous s within certain degrees because it often led to civil wars within families as it left the succession order muddled.[14] Opening Theme Buddyfighter x Buddyfighter By Jun Shirota (eps 53-60) Ending Theme Edmure and Roslin recite their vows ending with " from this day until the end of my days." The septon them commands "Look upon each other and say the words" at which the bride and groom recite their vows both of them speaking simultaneously First they list off the names of each of the Seven in whose sight they are wedding: "Father Smith Warrior Mother Maiden Crone Stranger " Immediately following this still speaking simultaneously they recite their main vows: the groom says "I am hers and she is mine From this day until the end of my days," while the bride at the same time says "I am his and he is mine From this day until the end of. Finally after the vows are finished the groom announces "With this kiss I pledge my love," and kisses the bride for the first time They both then turn to face the audience who applaud In the TV version a septon ties a knot of ribbon around Robb and Talisa's hands in the name of the Seven - but this is actually how Robb's own parents were married in the novels. The bride and groom exchange vows before the wedding guests assembled in front of the heart tree After the bride is led before the heart tree several ritualistic lines are exchanged between the officiator and the person presenting the bride First the groom's father demands who comes before the Old Gods The bride's presenter responds that they have come to beg the blessing of the Gods for their before asking who comes to. The series takes place in the year 2030 In addition to Earth where humans reside there are other worlds where monsters exist Certain humans and monsters can become "buddies" with each other and play against other Buddyfighters through the card game Future Card Buddyfight The story follows Gao Mikado and his adventures in Buddyfight after becoming buddies with Drum Bunker Dragon. Intending to have Genma inherit the Dark Core (which was formerly in Rouga's possession) Sophia uses the Dark Core on Doai She puts Doai under her control and has him attack Genma to coerce him into using the Core Meanwhile Gao his friends and family members are having a dinner party when Akatsuki drops in Zanya arrives to retrieve him while also telling Gao that he does not see him as. Dorne is an exception: due to resisting conquest by the Targaryens and only joining the realm one century ago through -alliance the Dornish were allowed to keep many of their local laws including gender-blind primogeniture As a result in the novels Prince Doran Martell's heir apparent is his daughter Arianne not her younger brothers (Arianne seems to have been cut from the TV series) Doran himself inherited the rule of Dorne from his mother who was also a Martell. The bride then agrees by saying "I take this man" and the wedding is done The entire ceremony is simpler than the longer wedding ceremony in the Faith of the Seven which involves more steps and the lengthy recitation of various prayers etc but the core elements of presenting and "giving away" the bride and the bride and groom exchanging vows witnessed by the guests and their gods are essentially similar As with the Faith of the Seven after the ceremony at which the vows are exchanged the wedding party celebrates with a large feast Sansa Stark was wed to Ramsay Bolton in such a ceremony Since her father and brothers were all thought to be dead Theon Greyjoy who had been Lord Stark's ward gave her away while Lord Roose Bolton Ramsay's father officiated the ceremony.[6] Following the ceremony a wedding feast is held for all attendees Among the nobility these can be quite large and extravagant particularly for royal weddings Traditionally a large Pigeon pie is served at the weddings of the nobility (commoners often cannot afford such a large meat pie or sometimes not at all) The pie is meant to be large enough that every guest can have a slice It is also traditional for the bride and groom to be the first to cut the cake and. There is no indication that any culture in Westeros or Essos has ever condoned sexual relations much less between parents and their children - not even the Valyrians Craster a wildling living on a very isolated homestead in the wilderness beyond the Wall would "marry" his own daughters to father more daughters on them that he would in turn marry (such as Gilly) - but this was only possible due to the extreme isolation they were living in not condoned as part of a "society" Even the other wildlings utterly despised Craster and what he was doing was not remotely considered acceptable in wider wildling society Royal inheritance law was heavily modified after the Dance of the Dragons to place female heirs to the throne behind all possible male ones (in the hope that this would prevent another civil war) Under both Andal law and Dornish law a lord's younger brother only inherits after the lord's entire bloodline is dead (the lord's children and grandchildren) - and thus under Andal and Dornish law a lord's daughter ranks ahead of the lord's younger brother Royal inheritance law in contrast is the only one of these three systems in which the ruler's daughter ranks behind the ruler's younger brother in the line of succession Noboru goes to the Buddy Police headquarters to void his contract with El Quixote and be done with Buddyfighting Suddenly the alarm sounds due to the appearance of the criminal Akaoni Kanme prompting Tasuku and Takihara to apprehend him Noboru is invited by Commander I into the Buddy Police's main room where he not only watches Tasuku defeat and arrest Akaoni but he also learns about Tasuku's past Noboru then runs off frustrated at himself for not being special like Tasuku or Gao Nonetheless he gets encouragement from El Quixote who tells him to do what he wants to do regardless of what others. Bigamy is forbidden in several major religions such as the Faith of the Seven or the Old Gods of the Forest The Faith of the Seven considers marrying multiple wives at the same time to be an abomination Several other world religions however do practice polygamy The ironborn under the Drowned God religion come close to this with their practice of taking one primary "rock wife" but multiple lower-ranking "salt wives" (basically glorified concubines) - though they never take more than one "rock wife" Also called "Bertie Takes Gussie's Place At Deverill Hall" Adapted from "The Mating Season". At the Tyrion/Sansa wedding the audience forms an aisle leading from the entrance between the statues of the Stranger and. At Westcombe-on-Sea Aunt Agatha intends to engage Bertie to "a nice quiet girl" named Aline Hemmingway Bertie is forced to spend time with Aline and her brother Rev Sidney Hemmingway but finds them dreary After Sidney loses money at the races he borrows £100 from Bertie with Aline's pearl necklace on deposit Coincidentally Aunt Agatha's pearl necklace goes missing Charles Edward "Biffy" Biffen cannot find a girl to whom he was engaged He comes to Jeeves for help but Jeeves who happens to be the girl's uncle misunderstands Biffy's intentions and does not wish to help Bertie performs 'Sunny Disposish' The "Victoria Hotel" and the "Hotel Riviera" in Westcombe-on-Sea ("Pearls Mean Tears") were filmed in Sidmouth Devon Also called "The Con." Adapted from Inheritance law outside of the Seven Kingdoms has not been described in much detail The Free Folk that live beyond the Wall in Westeros (commonly called "wildlings") actually don't have any hereditary aristocracy or formal system of inheritance A clan leader usually isn't followed because he or she is the child of the previous leader but because all of the clan members respect their strength and skill and choose to follow that leader The major example of this is the position of King-Beyond-the-Wall an over-chieftain that manages to unite all of the wildling clans: the position is not hereditary and someone only becomes King-Beyond-the-Wall because all of the clans choose to follow him Series 1[edit] Directed by Robert Young. As the fight between Gao and Shosetsu continues the latter slowly becomes more corrupted from using the Dark Core Shosetsu tries to use the item card - Sword of the King Excalibur - but the sword rejects him Angry Shosetsu uses the Dark Core to bring his card effects into reality and starts attacking others The buddy monsters of Gao's friends try to stop Shosetsu but they are all struck down Shosetsu then attacks Rouga who stops his assault with a card effect brought into reality This makes Gao realize that Rouga is actually the criminal Wolf. Bingo Little is also in love - with a tea shop waitress The only potential obstacle to the match would be the severance of his allowance from his Uncle Mortimer who may not approve To soften him up Jeeves recommends that Bingo reads to his uncle a series of romance novels with characters whose love transcends class divisions It works — too effectively Filming locations include Chenies Manor Also called "Jeeves the Matchmaker." Adapted from The Tyrion/Sansa wedding was only shown up to the point that the groom cloaked the bride before the camera cut away Only a brief excerpt from the Margaery/Tommen wedding was shown on-camera the point when the couple recites their vows The Robb/Talisa wedding was a small private ceremony held in secret and thus in-universe didn't include many steps Piecing together different points from different wedding ceremonies seen in the TV series a general description of what the wedding ceremony is like can be compiled: First the officiating septon recites several prayers to the audience including readings from their holy text The Seven-Pointed Star During these initial prayers the groom waits with the septon between the statues while the bride waits outside of. Bertie is interested in parenthood and decides to begin by marrying Bobbie Wickham Jeeves does not approve; but Bobbie is too preoccupied with other things to give Bertie due attention Meanwhile Bertie must put up with her niece Clementina who has a ferocious appetite Tuppy Glossop has broken off with Angela Travers again and is infatuated with dog-lover Daisy Dalgleish Tuppy is convinced he can impress her in a rugby match but Jeeves interferes. Similarly the Dothraki do not actually have a formal inheritance system as they follow strength The infant son of a khal and his wife has no guarantee or "right" to inherit leadership after he dies Often if the son of a khal is already a grown man and powerful warrior in his own right rule over his father's khalasar will pass to him but only if he has already earned the respect of the other warriors in the khalasar The Dothraki practice polygamy and a khal can take several wives at once (Khal Drogo just happened to not have any wives already when he wed Daenerys Targaryen) The status of Dothraki s can vary considerably however: some khals will take multiple wives at once often merely captives taken in raids who are considered little more than concubines Yet sometimes a khal will fall deeply in love with one wife a khaleesi who practically co-rules by his side and he won't take any. Also called "The Exes Are Nearly Married Off." Adapted from "Much Obliged Jeeves". Is presented as a cultural universal in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels: every culture across the known world has some version of it How each culture defines however can vary considerably i.e some cultures practice polygamous s but others do not customs and wedding ceremonies in a few other cultures and religions have been described: The royal wedding in the Great Sept of Baelor between King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell conducted by the High Septon - a very extravagant example of a wedding ceremony in the Faith of. The TV series released a behind-the-scenes video featurette about in Westeros (click this link to view) in which George R.R Martin stressed that as in the real-life Middle Ages it is by far the norm for the nobility in Westeros to enter into s not for love but to secure political alliances saying: " was a way to bind two families together it was a form of political alliance and royal s are one of the ultimate examples.

Roslin Frey is carried away from the wedding feast in a bedding ceremony After some time the traditional bedding ceremony may take place a ribald practice in which the newlyweds are carried to the bed to consummate their by having sex for the first time (after everyone else leaves the room) The feast continues for the guests The idea behind the bedding custom is that it helps to confirm that the was consummated (it therefore seems to be more common among the nobility who are more concerned about bloodlines) The bedding custom is not a requirement however and sometimes the couple simply skip it and just quietly leave the feast for their wedding chambers where they will consummate the. Future Card Buddyfight Triple D's first opening theme from 1 to 27 was "Chronograph" by Natsuhiro Takaaki The second opening theme from 28 to 51 is "DDD" by Shouta Aoi The first ending theme from 1 to 27 was "Wakey☆Thump SHOOTER" by Sora Tokui The second ending theme from episode 28 to 39 is "Yume no Hikari-kun no Mirai" by Aina Aiba The third ending theme from episode 40 to 51 is "Unite (Live Forever)" by British duo Bars and Melody. The bride (Sansa) is presented before the godswood's weirwood. The definition of "" and standards about sexuality in general in the real-life Middle Ages were drastically changed by the Gregorian Reform movement within the Christian Church after the year 1000 The reformers enforced clerical celibacy (which had not been practiced in the first 1,000 years of Christianity) to lessen the control of political dynasties over powerful Church offices Thus "" was redefined again to be something the clergy couldn't do This led to the Church propagating the view that the celibate life was the ideal mode of living and sex among non-clergy was only permissible within exclusively for the necessary evil of producing children among the non-clergy was redefined as "monogamous indissoluble a relationship in which sexual intercourse could give rise to children who could inherit property."[11] Bertie goes to Totleigh Towers at Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng's request She wants him to steal an African statue which she thinks is evil Gussie Fink-Nottle at Madeline Bassett's request has become a vegetarian but this is too much for him and he falls for the cook (Emerald) who has been feeding him steak and kidney pie at midnight Madeline with Gussie out of the way falls for Bertie who steals the statue but has to return it when the owner (Major Plank) will not buy it back Bertie then blacks up to pretend to be an African wanting to get the statue back for his tribe just as the real Africans turn up Jeeves can sort things out though for. Aunt Agatha sends Cyril Bassington-Bassington to Bertie in New York with strict instructions that he is to be kept away from the stage Shortly after arrival Cyril goes on stage Meanwhile Bruce "Corky" Corcoran asks Bertie to help him ask his uncle to accept his fiancee Muriel Singer Things go awry when the uncle ends up marrying Muriel and cuts off Corky's allowance Aunt Agatha arrives and wants to see a play the same play that Cyril is in Only Jeeves can sort out such a mess Also called "Cyril And The Broadway Musical." Adapted from Similarly when they had sex in the novels Gilly exclaimed that she is Samwell's "wife" now. The wedding feast lasts from dawn to sunset at which time the new husband and wife consummate their Because the Dothraki spend most of their time riding on the open plains everything of importance in Dothraki culture is done outdoors under the sky Thus on their wedding night a Dothraki couple rides away from the main camp to the open plains and consummate their under. Borrowing Suzuha's airship Gao and his friends travel to Sengoku Academy a supremacist school in the mountains where everything is resolved through Buddyfights On the way there the group is attacked by the monster Sky Ninja Yamigarasu but saved by the timely appearances of Genma and Duel Sieger The team lands within Sengoku Academy and are challenged by several Sengoku students Gao and his friends beat them all in Buddyfights and they are later given a tour of the school by Shosetsu Kirisame who is one of the "four demon generals" of Sengoku Academy After meeting with the other three generals (Raremaro Kanahebi and Kemura) Rouga appears and Gao demands to know where Kiri is Then Rouga has Gao and his band of friends engage in a 5-vs-5 Waseda style of Buddyfight with Rouga teaming with the four generals. Robb did incorporate some Old Gods wedding elements at his own: held at night by torchlight apparently in a godswood There was no large audience so many steps were removed from the small private ceremony. Also called "Safety In New York." Adapted from "Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest" (from Carry On Jeeves). Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen are the product of generations of compound inbreeding incestuously wedding brother to sister to "keep the bloodlines pure" Most cultures across Westeros and Essos have rules against incest - sexual contact between direct family members (siblings parents or children) though the specific rules can vary Most major religions in both Westeros and Essos consider between brothers and sisters to be incest The traditional Pigeon pie at the royal wedding between Joffrey and Margaery. Aunt Agatha wants to set Bertie up with Gertrude Winkworth daughter of Dame Daphne Winkworth at Deverill Hall Gussie Fink-Nottle is sent there by Madeline Bassett to meet her godmother Dame Daphne but he gets drunk and sentenced to 14 days in jail To avoid trouble from Madeline Bertie turns up pretending to be Gussie but the latter turns up too (having just been fined) with Jeeves posing as his butler Gussie pretends to be Bertie and woos Gertrude successy Meanwhile Claude Potter-Pirbright who is in love with Gertrude and has been rejected by Dame Daphne appears pretending to be Bertie's butler When it seems that things can't get any worse Aunt Agatha and Madeline arrive. It isn't clear if any further ceremony or religious invocations are made at a Dothraki wedding as no priests seem to be present However after marrying a khal is expected to return back to the Dothraki holy city Vaes Dothrak to present his new bride to the dosh khaleen the council of widows of past khals who essentially form the only "priesthood" that the Dothraki have interpreting favorable omens from the Great Stallion that is the central deity of their religion.[9] Season 1 of the TV series outright states that if Sansa only has daughters with Joffrey the Iron Throne would pass to Joffrey's younger brother Tommen and also that even Robert's second brother Renly is ahead of Myrcella in the line of succession This is true under royal inheritance law but not for the normal inheritance law which is followed by Winterfell Indeed by Season 5 when all of the legitimate Stark sons are believed dead Sansa is repeatedly referred to as the legitimate heir to Winterfell Because the Targaryen exiles considered the Baratheons to be pretenders to the throne Daenerys was officially the heir of her brother Viserys for many years simply because all other male Targaryens had in fact died by that point - making Daenerys upon Viserys's death the first Targaryen woman to lawy claim the throne under the modified royal inheritance laws Charts of the three inheritance systems: Future Card Buddyfight[edit] Opening themes "Card of the Future" by Psychic Lover and Suara (eps 1-46) (Original Japanese) / (eps 1-63) (English Dub) "Buddy Buddy BAAAAAN!!" by Marie Mizuno & Shuta Morishima (eps 47-63) Ending themes Robb and Talisa's secret wedding doesn't have a large audience so it was apparently a simple version omitting many of the traditional prayers (unless the camera is meant to be skipping parts) but includes the core part at which the septon wraps their hands together with a ribbon to bind them together then they both recite the names of the Seven then say "I am his/hers and he/she is mine from this day until the end of my days," and then they kiss Indeed on closer inspection it seems as if Robb Stark's wedding is almost a hybrid of the Faith of the Seven and Old Gods wedding ceremonies: it isn't performed in a sept at all but seems to be held in a local godswood in front of a large tree Moreover Faith of the Seven wedding ceremonies are typically held during the day while Robb and Talisa's wedding is held at night by torchlight - which is actually how Old Gods style wedding ceremonies are conducted Assuming his identity as the top Buddyfighter in 8th grade at Aibo Academy Rouga challenges Gao to a Buddyfight but Gao refuses Rouga slips on a banana peel set up by Tetsuya and Asmodai which prompts him to challenge Tetsuya which Asmodai accepts (without Tetsuya's consent) During lunch break while Rouga and Tetsuya battle Gao is reminded about a time when he also believed that winning was everything like Rouga When Gao's hunger for winning led to him injuring someone during a martial arts match he realized that mentality is wrong Gao has since then changed in order to make more friends. Pauline Stoker is being stalked by a mysterious stranger Bertie always chivalrous is called upon to protect her on her way back to Chuffnell Regis The trip results in startling results including an encounter with several Drones as black-faced minstrels Because Chuffy cannot get permission to turn Chuffnell Hall into a hotel Pauline tries to persuade Sir Roderick Glossop to turn it into a sanatorium Chuffnell Regis parts were filmed in Clovelly Devon Also called "The Mysterious Stranger." Adapted from Thank You Jeeves. Gussie Fink-Nottle has been keeping a notebook containing insulting observations on Sir Watkyn Bassett and Sir Roderick Spode in order to keep his courage up about them When he loses the notebook he calls on Bertie to help find it The Rev Harold "Stinker" Pinker and Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng wish to marry but Stiffy's guardian Sir Watkyn doesn't approve Stiffy blackmails Bertie into helping her convince her guardian otherwise Meanwhile Bertie comes into possession of a policeman's helmet Also called "A Plan for Gussie." Adapted from Wooster with other characters performs Oh By Jingo! Also called "Totleigh Towers." Adapted from "Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves". Aunt Dahlia coerces Bertie into handing out the prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School by threatening to withhold the services of her master chef Anatole Newt-fancier Gussie Fink-Nottle comes to Jeeves for advice about Madeline Bassett of whom he is enamoured Since she is staying at Brinkley Court with Aunt Dahlia Bertie delegates Gussie to give the prizes Bertie tries to sort out Tuppy Glossop and Angela Travers's relationship Gussie and Madeline's relationship and an issue Aunt Dahlia has with her husband — all without the help of Jeeves Disaster ensues when he recommends that they go without dinner Also called "How Does Gussie Woo Madeline?" Adapted from Sometimes a couple who wish to marry for love against their family's wishes will perform secret weddings These are still considered lawful so long as they are conducted by a septon and the couple speak their vows though the ceremony won't be as large or include a big audience Tyrion Lannister explained in Season 1's "Baelor" that when he was fifteen he eloped with the commoner Tysha when he was a teenager by bribing a drunken septon to marry them in secret (but then the septon sobered up and told his father then Tywin had his guards gang-rape Tysha had the annulled then sent her away and Tyrion never saw. Divorce doesn't exist in the Faith of the Seven but Sansa's to Tyrion can be annulled upon request - it was obviously forced against her will and Tyrion never consummated it "Divorce" does not exist in Westeros though annulment does An annulment can be requested from the hierarchy of the Faith of the Seven due to several factors such as if the was never consummated (the couple never had sex) if it is later discovered that one of the two was already married (bigamous is forbidden) or if it is argued that the was made under duress because officially no one can be forced to take a holy vow against. Bertie bumps into his former fiancée Lady Florence in a bookshop while buying a birthday present for Jeeves But after a row with her present suitor the insanely jealous D'Arcy "Stilton" Cheesewright she renews her engagement to Bertie Friend George Caffyn needs $50,000 for his play but can only get it from Chichester Clam when he sells his boats to Lord Worplesdon but the press pack haunting them is stopping the deal from going through Jeeves sees a fancy dress party as a way of sorting everything out Also called "Lady Florence Craye Arrives In New York." Adapted from Magoroku tries to collude with Jin to defeat all opponents in the ABC Cup and let Magoroku win the entire tournament However Jin declines after Magoroku refuses to offer more compensation to him When Jin leaves he starts thinking of purposely losing his upcoming fight against Tetsuya Tasuku who is on an undercover mission overhears Jin and chastises him Then continuing his mission Tasuku and Jackknife Dragon find their target a dark monster named Azi Dahaka (the same monster in charge of Magoroku) Azi Dahaka takes Tasuku and Jackknife to a battle arena in a different dimension where they are confronted by Superarmor Dragon Galvanic Feather Dragon Back on Earth the ABC Cup continues as Jin plays against Tetsuya Although still intending to lose the match Jin is suddenly reminded of Gao which motivates him to defeat Tetsuya and advance in. Aunt Agatha wants to pack her wayward nephews Claude and Eustace Wooster off to Africa but both have fallen in love with a singer at a nightclub Bertie took them to the night before and sneak back from the docks to Bertie's place to pursue her Bertie wants to marry a painter (Gwladys Pendlebury) and has fallen foul of a soup manufacturer Bertie's efforts to help Tuppy end in a disaster and Aunt Agatha ends up as a laughing stock and looking for the cause blames Bertie Adapted from Robb Stark and Talisa secretly marry - in a Faith of the Seven style ceremony conducted by a septon. Also called "Jeeves in the Country." Adapted from Thank You Jeeves White Text 10 2 "Kidnapped!" 12 May 1991 (1991-05-12) 205 Bertie's club the Drones are electing a new dining committee chairman Bertie wishes to be elected but discovers that no one with a criminal record. When new recruits join the Night's Watch (such as Jon and Samwell) they take oaths of celibacy. Genma and Magoroku have their Buddyfight with both of them using Ancient World decks As the fight goes on Genma expresses his disgust at how Magoroku is acting as student council president He also shares his ideals of how the president should be like the "sun" which intrigues Gao Genma eventually uses his powerful buddy monster Martial Arts Dragon Emperor Duel Sieger to defeat Magoroku. Opening Theme Saikō (Sā Ikō)! By Poppin' Party (eps 1-current) Ending Theme Given that Jon Snow managed to capture Ygritte and later had sex with her they could technically be considered "married" in wildling culture. Tywin Lannister married out of love to his first cousin Joanna but hypocritically tried to force his own children. The dragonlords of the old Valyrian Freehold however who once ruled much of Essos preferred to marry brother to sister "to keep the bloodlines pure" The Doom of Valyria four hundred years before the War of the Five Kings wiped out their civilization One Valyrian noble family however survived the Doom with living dragons: House Targaryen which a hundred years later conquered and unified the Seven Kingdoms and proceeded to rule them for the next three centuries Is a socially and typically religiously recognized union between people that establishes legal rights and obligations between them and their children These often include various inheritance rights for children produced within a to the property wealth and titles of their parents customs vary across Westeros Essos and the rest of the.

Now that the couple are together the ceremony between them and the septon begins in earnest The septon tells the groom "You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection." The groom takes off the initial cloak that the bride has around her shoulders displaying the sigil of her noble House and puts a new cloak around her shoulders bearing the sigil of the groom's House - symbolically bringing her under his protection and into his family In some weddings the bride doesn't start out with her own cloak but all include the step of the groom putting a cloak around her Bertie's Uncle George wishes to marry a young waitress Aunt Agatha is dismayed and through Bertie offers the girl ₤100 to break off the engagement; instead however Bertie meets Maud Wilberforce who has a connection with his uncle Bertie visits Twing Hall where Lady Wickhammersley has banned all gambling after Lord Wickhammersley lost the East Wing in a game Rupert Steggles has surreptitiously to take bets however on the events at a village fair Bertie and Bingo place bets on the competitors only to find that Steggles has rigged the events Jeeves duly sorts things out Wooster performs 'Good Night Vienna' a song from a 1932 film/show Also called "The Village Sports Day at Twing" or "The Gambling Event." Adapted from "" as such does not exist on the island of Naath Thus there are no wedding customs or legal restrictions: "Bastardy" is an alien concept on Naath and thus no children are punished for their parents not being "married" the way bastards are stigmatized in Westeros.[10] While going through some records at the Citadel Gilly makes a shocking discovery that Rhaegar Targaryen had his to his lawful wife Elia Martell annulled by the High Septon and remarried. Prior to the year 1000 in Europe was largely a contractual arrangement made by two families to link them together for political alliance and transfer of property A son from one family married the daughter from another: ostensibly the wife would only have procreative sex with her husband and thus confirmed that all of her children were fathered by her husband - which made them "legitimate" confirmed heirs capable of inheriting his family's property Men however often kept several long-term concubines alongside their wives who often had official status and certain legal rights A social/emotional or spiritual union between the husband and wife was not expected and religious overtones were minimal In practice the daughters of noble Houses are often pressured by their families to marry against their will but forcibly marrying a woman held hostage against her family's wishes is generally seen as grounds for annulment For example Sansa Stark was obviously a prisoner of the Lannisters when she was forced to marry Tyrion against both her will and that of her entire family and the was never consummated so Sansa can request an annulment from the Faith in the future (though she has not yet) It is unknown on what grounds Tywin had Tyrion's first to Tysha annulled but it can probably be assumed that Tywin wouldn't let minor technicalities stand in his way and whoever performed the annulment wouldn't risk Tywin's wrath Aegon the Conqueror following Valyrian customs was simultaneously married to both of his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys. Future Card Buddyfight Hundred's first opening theme from 1 to 21 was "Luminize" by fripSide in Japanese and Hanah Grace in English The second opening from 22 to 48 is "Beyond the limits" by Hideyuki Takahashi The first ending theme from 1 to 21 was "Buddy Lights" by Soma Saito in Japanese and Jovetta Rivera in English[3] The second ending theme from episode 22 to 50 is "Milky 100 World" by Milky Holmes.[4] The second opening and ending theme are not shown in the English version. The septon then proclaims "My lords my ladies we stand here in the sight of gods and men to witness the union of man and wife One flesh one heart one soul now and forever." This step is only shown at the Tyrion/Sansa wedding The couple holds hands as they stand side by side The septon proceeds to tie a ribbon in a knot around their joined hands (literally "tying the knot") which symbolizes their union While tying the ribbon the septon says "Let it be known that [Names and Houses of the bride and groom] are one heart one flesh one soul Cursed be he who would seek to tear them asunder." The septon then announces "In the sight of the Seven I hereby seal these two souls binding them as one for eternity." After he says this he unravels the ribbon - they remain metaphorically joined for the rest of. The following is a list of for Bushiroad's Future Card Buddyfight anime series It began in Japan on TV Tokyo and affiliate channels on January 4 2014 at 8:00 AM Right after the Japanese broadcast it is simulcasted and dubbed in English on YouTube and Hulu that same day.[1] Crunchyroll joined the English dub premieres. Also called "In Court after the Boat Race" or "Jeeves' Arrival" Adapted from "Jeeves Takes Charge" (from Carry On Jeeves) "Scoring off Jeeves" (from The Inimitable Jeeves) "Sir Roderick Comes to Lunch" (from The Inimitable Jeeves). Amateur fascist dictator (and root-vegetable enthusiast) Sir Roderick Spode is appalled when he learns that Madeline Bassett is engaged to Gussie Fink-Nottle Gussie is naturally terrified of Spode and even the smallest misunderstanding will put his life in jeopardy Jeeves finds a way to keep Spode from beating Bertie "into a jelly" Also called "The Silver Jug." Adapted from The Code of the Woosters. At the Margaery/Joffrey wedding however the audience forms even columns with the end pointing directly at the statue of the Stranger. Also called "Honoria Glossop Turns Up." Adapted from "Jeeves and the Greasy Bird" (from Plum Pie) "Bingo and the Little Woman" (from The Inimitable Jeeves). Having captured a woman a wildling man prevents her attempt to kill him with a dagger: as a result they are "married" As Ygritte explains in a Histories & Lore animated featurette,[7] wildling men often take brides by ritualistically (or not-so-ritualistically) kidnapping them from their village The "bride" can and often will try to slit his throat and if he prevents her from succeeding quite simply they are considered "married" Wildling women - many of whom are spearwives capable of holding their own in combat - want a husband who is strong quick and cunning Thus if a man manages to capture her and overpower her attempts to kill him he has proven that he is worthy and earns her respect Tasuku tries to convince his fellow Buddy Police members that Rouga is the criminal Wolf but everyone says there is not enough evidence to prove it Moreover Commander I believes Wolf is not working alone and that Aibo Academy may be connected in the grand scheme of things Meanwhile at Aibo Academy Magoroku the school's student council president and Sophia Sakharov the vice-president review all of the fighters who will be participating in the ABC Cup including Gao Tetsuya Noboru (who recently became buddies with Dragon Knight El Quixote) and especially Zanya Kisaragi who was the only elementary student to have defeated the middle school students in the last. Brynden Tully Catelyn's uncle infamously refused to enter into an his brother set up for him with Bethany Redwyne - despite the fact that all agreed it was a great match as she was beautiful wealthy and it would gain strong allies for the Tullys Brynden quarreled often with his brother about this over the years and became known as "the Blackfish" as a result (exactly why Brynden never married is unclear in the novels - fan speculation ranges from him being secretly a homosexual to him secretly loving his brother's future wife but once they wed each other Brynden swore he would never love again) It is not unusual for lords who are privately homosexual to still marry women such as Renly Baratheon purely to secure a political alliance and produce heirs ("love" is not generally a major reason for among the nobility in Westeros) Not much has been said about the wedding ceremony in the religion of the Drowned God All that has been said is passing mention that ceremonies among the ironborn are officiated by Drowned Men priests - and that ceremonies for "salt wives" are "considerably less solemn" than the ceremony for a lord's primary "rock" wife The ironborn apparently don't have "temples" or religious structures but conduct religious rituals on the shores of the ocean - such as Theon's baptism to reaffirm his faith seen in book/Season 2 It seems probable that weddings among the ironborn are also conducted on the shores of the sea and possibly involve wading into the. Also called "Arrested In A Night Club." Adapted from "Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit". Is a socially recognized union between people that establishes rights and obligations between them and their children While in a broad sense "" of some kind is a cultural universal found in all human societies throughout history the exact definitions of "" like conceptions about sexuality as a whole have varied considerably across different cultures and within the same cultures across time (i.e some cultures practice polygamous s others do not) Even in Christian Western Europe strictly speaking from the fourth to twenty-first centuries there has never been one "traditional" definition of the definition changed every three or four centuries Also called "Sir Watkyn Bassett's Memoirs" Adapted from "Jeeves Takes Charge" (from Carry On Jeeves) "The Mating Season". White Text 9 2 "Chuffy" 5 May 1991 (1991-05-05) 204 Bertie's insistence on playing the trombone drives Jeeves to give notice Bertie hires a less satisfactory valet Brinkley Bertie's friend Lord "Chuffy" Chuffnell quickly snaps Jeeves up. At the same time the Church reformers started attempting to infuse spiritual values into redefining it as not simply a social contract but a profound religious/spiritual union They propagated for the first time the view that was a holy vow that had to be actively consented to by both persons: to be sure many families still forced their daughters to "consent" to political s but they never would have bothered to pay this token lip-service to the idea of consent during the pre-Christian. Also called "Aunt Dahlia Cornelia And Madeline" Adapted from "Comrade Bingo" (from The Inimitable Jeeves) "Jeeves Makes an Omelette" (from A Few Quick Ones). It is unknown have annulment and/or divorce function under other religions specifically the Old Gods in the North and the Drowned God religion of the Iron Islands (or if any world religions even have voluntary "divorce" in them) The religion of the Old Gods doesn't even have a formal priesthood to ask permission from Bertie rents a country cottage from Chuffy in Chuffy's family-owned village of Chuffnell Regis in Devon and practices his trombone Chuffy is intent on selling Chuffnell Hall to J Washburn Stoker so that he can afford to marry Stoker's daughter Pauline He discovers to his concern that Pauline was once engaged to Bertie—and that Washburn wants Bertie to stay away from his daughter Jeeves produces a plan to get Pauline and Chuffy together that results in the burning down of Bertie's cottage Sympathetic to Bertie however Jeeves resumes working for him at the end of the episode The seaside part of the Chuffnell Regis village scenes (beach jetty steep hillside cottages) were filmed in Clovelly Devon The thatched cottage village scenes were filmed elsewhere Chuffnell Hall scenes were filmed at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie to "sneer" at an antique silver cow creamer in order to keep its price down He accidentally brings the antique to the attention of rival collector Sir Watkyn Bassett who buys it Dahlia sends Bertie to get the creamer back at. Between first cousins is not uncommon among the nobility of Westeros and is not considered incest in their culture Even Tywin Lannister married his own first cousin Joanna Lannister The Valyrians (and later the Targaryens) preferred to marry cousins of as close a degree as possible if there were no sisters in the current generation of their families They were also known to have s between uncles and nieces (and probably also aunts and nephews): Rhaenyra Targaryen herself married her own uncle Daemon Targaryen (though uncle-niece is not as close a degree of incest as brother-sister incest) Future Card Buddyfight X's first opening theme from 1 to 29 is "Brave Soul Fight!" by Sora Tokui and Shūta Morishima They performed both Japanese and English versions The second opening theme from episode 30 to 52 is "Buddyfighter x Buddyfighter" by Jun Shirota The first ending theme from 1 to 29 is "Fight Against the Wind" (known in Japanese as "Mukai Kaze ni Fight") by Ayana Kinoshita (both Japanese and English) The second opening theme from episode 30 to 52 is "B.O.F" by Poppin'Party Future Card Buddyfight Ace's first opening theme is "Saa Ikō!" by Poppin'Party The first ending theme is "Buddy☆Funny Days" by Takumi Mino and Poppin'Party.[5] Sir Watkyn Bassett is writing his memoirs of his misspent youth which also include the misspent youths of others who are now famous Bertie who has just become engaged to Lady Florence Craye Sir Watkyn's niece is sent to destroy the manuscript Guests at the house include Sir Roderick Spode Gussie Fink-Nottle and also Rev Harold "Stinker" Pinker who is trying win back Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng Added issues with a local play and a dog that gets arrested result in Jeeves having to set things straight at Totleigh Towers. Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha orders him to marry Honoria Glossop whom Agatha believes will "reform" him Bertie not enamoured with the idea finds that his friend Bingo Little is infatuated with her but his scheme to get them together fails His capable new valet Jeeves steps in with a plan to convince Sir Roderick and Lady Glossop that their potential son-in-law is unfit to marry their daughter Wooster with the assistance of Jeeves performs "Minnie the Moocher". Women from noble Houses in Westeros often take on their husband's surname - though this is not automatic and many do not Essentially if a noblewoman "marries up" into a more powerful noble family she will tend to shift to using the name of her husband's House Conversely if a noblewoman marries into a less powerful noble House (i.e if she is one of the younger daughters in the family not able to secure as good of a match) then she will often retain the use of her original family name to remind everyone of her social and political ties If their two families are of roughly equal power - such as if they are both from Great Houses that rule entire kingdoms - then the situation is more variable and is more dependent on personal choice Only the nobility in Westeros even use surnames - the smallfolk do not have last names. The wedding ceremony in the Faith of the Seven is a long event filled with many prayers and vows; it is quite long compared to the simple exchange of vows in the wedding ceremonies of those who follow the Old Gods of the Forest As a result the TV series has never shown a single wedding ceremony from start to finish but has skipped around in time for several wedding scenes to show several different key points from the ceremony i.e some of the vows said in the wedding scene between Margaery Tyrell and Joffrey Baratheon are skipped in the subsequent wedding between Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon The wedding ceremony might last over an hour but the TV series only has time to show about two to three minutes' worth of clips from each one As of the end of Season 5 the TV series has presented five wedding ceremonies from the Faith of.

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