Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage Pew Research Center

On this day 2015 Supreme Court ruled that Constitution required all states to recognize - s - laws differ from state to state Read about history of - and which states currently. - : - practice of between two men or between two women Although - has been regulated through law and custom most countries of world legal and social responses have ranged from celebration to crimalization

It’S been three years sce National Organization for (NOM) lost its campaign to oppose equality for Read five key facts about - two years after U.S Supreme Court issued a landmark rulg that granted - couples right. Pew Research Center pollg 2001 Americans opposed - by a marg of 57% to 35% Sce n support for - has steadily grown Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for dividuals of if y were married a state that recognizes - s but y live. White House website lists - amongst a selection of civil rights along with freedom from employment discrimation equal pay. Review of laws by state outles current legislation and updates status of legal actions impactg stitution of - United States was itially established on a state-by-state basis expandg from 1 state 2004 to 36 states 2015 See more videos for - A long-sought victory for gay rights movement court ruled 5-4 that Constitution guarantees a. More - images

It opens possibility to troduce registered partnerships for different- couples as well as - for - couples

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