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Love like water must find its own level Love should be color blind and build memories not barriers I am old now but all that kept me from dating or brown or asian was opportunity Racism is so not the way to go nor does marrying within your own skin gurantee happiness Grasp every opportunity at love for soon you will be old and sitting alone on the proverbial park bench Don’t let race creed or color deny you the joy of a wonderful woman. A lot of European s are crazy for women But it’s also because we don’t. Old saysAug at 8:12 pm Hey Buddy don’t worry I don’t take it seriously I just thought that this trolling comment was funny That’s why I approved it 😉 Sebastian Harris saysAugust 5 2017 at 3:04 am The problem is that the society we live in is not the only force that prevents beautiful dark-skinned women from admitting their sexual preferences Don’t think that society is the worst before you have met her parents.I was fortunate enough to meet the parents of both s I dated The parents of number one welcomed me with open arms They had absolutely no problem with the color of my I met the parents of the second I dated things looked a bit different Her father opened the door looked at me with despite and I was treated like shit Eventually her family was a major reason why the relationship failed.I could only hear fractions of the debate she had with her father but here were the two most painful sentences I can remember:  God I was so damn happy (and a bit proud) when I read Anton’s email and he allowed me to share it with you as long as I don’t reveal his second name (It’s really hard to pronounce anyway) So here’s the email he. Sebastian Harris saysAp at 8:20 am Hey Claudia I hope your comment inspires a lot of men to stop being reluctant. Anonymous says at 5:36 pm Enlightened saysSeptem at 5:46 pm Hey Amk most s who read my articles about women are American 😉 Yassin hamidi saysNovem at 5:48 pm That’S so not true Coming from a gentleman “Will they accept him?”“Will they. Hey Toni interesting that you say this I actually forgot to mention that aspect but I am going to address it in an article I am going to publish soon I agree that women want someone who loves them for them Men want. I am a “” man from the USA As I get older the more I realize that the terms people use to describe their identity are so unnecessary I am not actually the color anymore that a dark skinned person from Africa is actually the color When you connect with the opposite sex in my case find some common ground and smile its special Even if it doesn’t escalate past that Ever since 4th grade I was into foreign s and all ethnicities Get past your comfort zone and appreciate the differences and the variations. Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 12:43 am Yep as long as there’s attraction everything. Anton took action and found the woman of his dreams Now it’s time for you to do the same…Click here to find out everything about the interracial dating site where Anton found his dream Summed Up Wisdom Do s like men? Yes a lot of them do but not all of them admit it The sad truth is that there are a lot of misconceptions about s who are into Caucasian men A lot of people believe that those s hate the color of their skin and some of them go so far and say that they betray their own race Others are convinced that they want to brag with a boyfriend and that they have a weird slave fetish. In my thinking people in general place too much importance on color and other aspects of folks as a common species I personally have always been attracted to women as a and it has nothing to do with some twisted fetish I love to look at the beauty of many women starting with their faces My first love was a whom I took to the high school prom (during the time when racial relations were not very good ’70s) If her folks and mine not have become involved at the time I would have made her my wife Unfortunately it did not turn out that way We still keep in touch occasionally but the oceans of time have kept us apart If interracial relationships had not been so taboo at the time she would have been the mother of my children and matriarch of my family. Lagos saysNovem at 2:08 pm There are millions Check out my Afrointroductions review I’m and I got replies from African s from all kinds of countries. Sebastian Harris saysFebru at 8:22 am Tracy saysFebru at 5:59 pm Emanuelita saysAug at 10:01 am Hey Dohn thanks for sharing your story I hope it inspires a lot. Melanin goddess saysAug at 11:38 pm Hey Tommy thanks for your inspirational comment…and I hope that your wife doesn’t. Side note: Oooh one of the regulars looks like Ryan Sheckler (before he shaved his hair and aged like milk) I can’t is some may come off as bogus and distant but again you have some BW who despite liking WM do it too I’ll admit I do it myself sometimes to save face/don’t wanna look silly Travel indeed but don’t lose hope yet!I try not to be one of those people who say “preference” all the time but fuuuuhhh… how can you not with some WM these daysBW keep smiling! s can’t resist the smile/eye contact Use your God-given full lips to your advantage! Only then will they bow down… bwahaha The sad truth is that both a lot of and people are racist agains mixed couples And yes she deserves respect if she is willing to face racism for her decision to date a man with a different. This concern is actually funny and serious at the same time It is funny because there are in fact s who think that they have to “act ” in order to win the heart of a woman Thanks to their narrow-minded idea of acting they walk around in baggy pants listen to Tupac and put “though” after every the dating process this idiotic behavior can be quite funny and entertaining; at least when I can believe the women I talked to However this can become a serious issue if the naïve bread acts like that when he meets her friends or even worse her told me that her father threw her boyfriend out of the house because he acted like a complete retard All he wanted was to act while her father who had a doctor’s degree interpreted it as the most disrespectful behavior he had. I haven’t heard of her but I promise that I will check out her channel. One of those reasons are the misconceptions that our society has about s who decide to date s Unfortunately a lot of beautiful women have been conditioned by those lies and started to believe them. The problem is in many cultures outside of the U.S mixed race people like Ciara or Beyonce (yes they are biologically mixed race) are not necessarily considered but mixed race The U.S has its own perception of “” where Lupita Nyong’o and Vanessa Williams are both considered …Some men prefer certain African women because of their culture and would not be attracted to the culture of an American woman who may happen. Denila says at 8:57 am Wow Your comment blew me away I’m glad that I. I can’t even tell you how many dark-skinned women I have met who were totally into s In case you don’t believe me I want you to switch on your computer laptop or tablet and type “interracial celebrity couples” into you will find are women like the actress Tara Wilson who is married to a You will find actress Zoe Saldana who is married to a You will find Tina Turner who is married to a who has the same weird accent as I you have looked through countless celebrity gossip websites you can head over to Facebook What you will find is the Women Who Love Men Period Facebook Group. Chey saysSeptember 3 2016 at 6:00 pm Sebastian Harris saysFebru at 8:18 am Sebastian Harris saysNovem at 6:35 pm Sebastian Harris saysFebru at 7:12 am Yes that’s exactly what he said to his imagine if you would come home with a friend and your father would tell you that you are a disgrace to the family that he will throw you out if you don’t break up with her and that you are not his son anymore.I am pretty sure that your motivation to openly admit that you are into s will be as low as it has ever been The same was true for the I was lost contact but I am pretty sure that she would tell any who would ask her if she likes men that she never has and never will “That’s Not What Martin Luther King Died For!”Speaking of the race traitor thing… Aug at 6:23 amMany American men use women for sex too The same ol’ scare tactics that men only use women for sex is not always true There are men in ALL races and nationalities who use women as objects for sexual gratification I believe that the history between American men and American women has been less than stellar so there has been a mutual apprehension and reluctance to seek each other out in dating and marriage At the end of the day I believe men should be vetted based on his character not. Really attracted to men as far as I can remember I dated very dashing African men but didn’t feel anything physically Although my family wouldn’t be so happy about it I am learning to accept what my heart wants men I just can’t. Sebastian Harris saysNovem at 8:02 pm Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 10:09 am Destiny saysApril 3 2016 at 4:14 am Now that you have read my experience with the dad who called his daughter a disgrace to his family you hopefully understand why a lot of women are worried about what her family thinks. Just don’t care about what most people think and get yourself a Like you said you should embrace your differences There’s nothing wrong The one website that I can really recommend is Afro Introductions It’s the perfect site for s like you who want to meet. Hey Precious most of them are afraid of getting scammed You have to earn. Lolita saysOcto at 9:30 pm Saying that “ s” look down on women is like saying all women thing the same You don’t Some people don’t like s Some people don’t like s These people are called racists. Sebastian Harris says at 6:30 pm Anders saysJuly 5 2017 at 5:32 pm Ed Kalin says at 11:48 pm Anthonia saysSeptem at 9:06 pm Sebastian Harris saysNovem at 7:59 pm S love s And I one of them This article comes with a relief and encouragement too I’m single and hope to find a sweet. Sebastian Harris says at 1:17 am Sebastian Harris saysSeptem at 8:39 am During the time I dated s I learned that many of them are attracted to s Through conversations with the female friends of the s I dated I also found out that many of them secretly fantasized about dating a However I also found out why there are still so many s who ask themselves “do s like men?” while they gaze a after a who would never admit who she is really attracted to. The Misconceptions about s Who Like Men There are in fact reasons why s write about how much they love s in anonymous forums and Facebook groups but why only a handful of them are brave enough to upload a picture with their boyfriend. Alex saysDecem at 7:56 am All of this is very true I’m scared of the way people will see me I’m only 17 today is my birthday actually and my family was at my house celebrating it with me but then they went on Facebook watching all the killing videos from the cops in america against the community then they turned on me My mum HATES that I like s and so do most of my family (I’m Jamaican) and I really have tried to like s but they arnt my thing anymore ever since I’ve been in England s seem to be what I like I can’t help it My mum says she won’t accept me or him if I bring a home she says its a disgrace and that rascim runs in their families I try to tell her that my generation isn’t like that put she tells me that they won’t accept me and that they dont like me their just using me and family means everything to me so now I’m here stuck tryna like s and idk what. Oh and of course you will also find a lot of entries from Caucasian s who ask themselves the important question that I want to answer in this article: I am a man from Algeria I want to know a to marry and build a bright future I love this since my childhood I wish God to help me marry a woman I love and want very much. Hey Anders,thanks for your comment I’m German 🙂 Madrine Namuddu saysFebruary 9 2017 at 12:14 pm I Love men i have been in a relationship with my bestfriend for 10yrs now and we are planning our wedding we have a beautiful son and i had a daugther before i met him I like him have endured the racist remarks and we smile and keep trucking it On the other hand i have heard kids ask my daughter why her skin is different from her brothers and i told her to tell them its the way god wanted it to be Sadly this is something common in the world but you have to be strong and deal with it dont let what others say rule your life Just remember only God can. Filed Under: Date African Women Global Dating Tagged With: s dating women Tursky saysFebru at 4:50 pm Sebastian Harris saysAug at 5:18 am Yeah my wife is exactly half Asian half Latina Mom Asian Dad Latino I get both Hispanic men and Asian men dirty looks Asians see her as Asian Hispanics see her as Latina But especially Asian dudes? Oh they HATE when us dudes date or marry the Asian gals I think it’s because Asian men have a hard enough time in the dating world then add to that that their Asian women? Are the most desired group among ALL men Hispanic men all want Asian women I don’t love my wife because she is Asian or Latina I lusted after her when I first met her because she was nutty sexy But fell in love with her because she also ended up being the most interesting awesome person I. Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 10:11 am Some saysSeptem at 4:40 pm Hell YES…Excuse the language But yes To me you s got way better conversation your funny more fun to be around your cool skin feels amazing against our very warm brown skin and don’t believe the hype Not all s are amazing in bed and all that In my opinion yr bedroom game is much better Your more open more oral not as in a rush to put it in more considerate and not all about yrself Hardworking for the most part Just working period I could go on n on Don’t be scared n don’t believe the lies Get you a brown We’re not stuck up or too busy thinking were better to realize that. Sebastian Harris saysFebru at 8:47 pm U r african you don’t know anything american women usually don’t date men because they have lived with men and they know most men have small penises and cant sexually satisfy them most of these african women don’t even know their race is stronger and sexually more dominant and they go for smaller dick size men but american women who have been exposed and know this go for men there is no competition in both races as to who is stronger and sexually better that is why men are having sex with women more than men are having sex. Hey Ed thanks for sharing your personal experience Glad you found happiness. Hello I’m a and love those Nubian queen s they’re sexy great smiles beautiful eyes I have always been attracted to you lovely ladies. Maybe it’s the difference between the UK and the US but these are not really reasons why I wouldn’t date a man or wouldn’t show interest in one Yes I do tend to think men aren’t interested in women but there have been enough times when I could tell a was interested but just too scared to approach me or ask me out In the US people tend to have a superiority complex and it’s not just relative to people as anyone from other countries should know (because Americans very much think they’re better than pretty much all non-Americans)–but it’s strongest relative to Americans and many Americans are this way without even realizing it. Portia saysDecem at 7:42 am Man who has been married to my african American wife for 9 years now With two beautiful kids Go for what or who you like amd forget what everyone thinks. Hey Madrine You should read my Afro Introductions review and join. I’m a woman and have dated n s I think it shouldn’t be about long as there is a mutual attraction respect,trust and if u make each other happy then why not race and age shouldn’t be an issue.I’m 38 yrs old with two kids and wouldn’t mind meeting an older preferably with kids as I don’t wish to have anymore kids Hey Lagos thank you so much for this insightful comment I honestly didn’t know that Bob Marley and so many other celebrities had a father Thanks again for all the work you put into this comment. I’m a woman and I really wish that men would stop being reluctant to become involved with women because of what they were taught heard seen or forced to believe To be totally honest from my heart I am and always have been attracted to men far more than men I’ve never been comfortable around men maybe that’s shameful that I feel that way I was raised in a predominantly area and that’s all that I saw was boys and men I’ve had many men show some kind of interest or attraction to me but fear of what I do not know has always kept them away This is just my opinion but a lot of men would perhaps be happier if they would stop worrying about what people will say and follow their heart God sees no skin color he sees the heart We as his creation should also see no skin color only. Mark saysSeptember 7 2016 at 7:55 pm Dohn saysJanuary 1 2017 at 5:28 am Hey Denila exactly just because you are attracted to someone doesn’t mean that you have a weird fetish. Eilly saysMay 7 2017 at 8:54 am Hey Woody awesome I wish you luck. Sebastian Harris saysAug at 7:05 am Alex saysDecember 1 2017 at 12:42 pm Yes s like s I am also one of those s but I’ve never had an opportunity to be with one I’m hoping that some day my Prince will come my way and make my world golden Most people (even people) perceive s who are attracted to males as “gold diggers” and that is not true I’ve seen some swirl couples who embrace their differences culture and build one another from nothing to something and that is what true love is about I hope that some day it. Now we come to the one misconception that in my experience is the most painful allegation that a who dates a has to survive.

Sebastian Harris saysAug at 2:37 am You love who you love End of story It’s only a black/white thing if you make it that No one should have to change compromise try harder to be with someone If you can’t be yourself what is the point? Yes I am in an interracial relationship (married) There are only problems if you make them If someone else has a problem with your relationship that is their problem not yours It is not rocket science or difficult If it works. I read through the article and in all fairness it came across as quite twee As a woman the main reason I question dating a man is the whole concept of fetishism To ignore it in your article is quite odd A lot of women including myself will question dating a man on the basis that essentially we are being objectified for being ‘Other’ You reference the who rocks up at his friend’s parents house ‘playing at being Little Wayne’ – there are men out there who think that women are all about hip hop and rap culture and think that getting with her gives them carte blanche to play ‘’ and pretend that they understand what it means to be in Western society. Chris saysAug at 10:01 am Hey Candy you have to communicate to your mother that racism on both sides is not the answer. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 4:24 am Sebastian Harris saysJanuary 9 2017 at 10:51 am Hey Ben I really appreciate your comment but the next time please don’t use. S love s The only ones who don’t are inferior products of trash parents. Hey Marva,thanks for sharing your experiences and for your kind words Loving without barriers is the whole point Merry Christmas! “.you all just have to go with your heart and what you love and want to love.” This is very true And I am glad to hear that you love. Unknown saysJ at 4:38 am Queen bee africa saysJ at 9:37 am Woody saysFebruary 8 2017 at 4:53 am Women and men are both having to deal with the reality of being abandoned by potential partners of their own race They can no longer pretend that this isn’t happening The reality is that I don’t think they’re compatible Of course they have to deal with a lot of unfair political baggage and double standards women are social justice warriors when they date men but women are committing an act of betrayal women freely emphasize the sexual side of their relationship with men whether the relationship is casual or serious women even seem to take great delight in gettIng pregnant and quickly left by the father On the flip side sex is very much a taboo subject and suppressed Both women and men wish that there was an easy solution to being abandoned by their own race But so far it’s not a great success story. Then you get the same looks that I sometimes get from Asian s when I walk hand in hand with my Asian friend. You’re probably right about american society but european society is also going to the pits I think Atleast Swedish society Stockholm is the only society reference I have But I look positively on the if only I met a sensible good woman like you here or woman doesn’t matter really I guess maybe it matters a little since I prefer dark skinned women Problem here is most (I think) women are muslims so even though there are a few women here the odds aren’t great I probably wouldn’t want to date a muslim woman because honor killings kinda turn me off lol I am 22 so the muslim s my age are still kind of not out of their shells if they will ever be or maybe they are in their own way what do. Sebastian Harris saysMa at 2:11 am Hey Chris awesome All the best to your family! Sebastian Harris saysNovem at 7:56 pm The only problem is that a lot of white guys have to battle with the same misconceptions conditioning and fears that black girls have to battle with As a result they often hide or deny the fact that they are in a relationship with a black girl even though they are in one or at least want to be in painful truth is that some white men won’t call a black girl their girlfriend even though she technically is When I heard from one African girl that her white boyfriend runs away whenever someone wants to take a picture of them I understood that this is one of the biggest fears black. Men are in a position of privilege and intelligent women appreciate this They don’t want to date someone who thinks they are doing them some kind of service or who is only with them to ‘play at being ‘’.Women in general want someone to love them for them – not the colour of their skin or how exotic they are perceived to be You preaching about the dos and don’ts for dating a Woman are akin to stating how best to lure something – it’s as if getting with a Woman is. Claudia Johnson saysJ at 6:09 pm Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 10:13 am Earl saysAug at 12:43 am Tursky saysFebru at 4:54 pm Decem at 4:13 amI have dated women in the past when I was younger but I have always dated dark asian women spent most of my time in southeast asia but I have always thought that women are beautiful and always will but I am different the other day I saw 3 women in the base commissary who are related married to military members one was in the army one navy and one marine corps they have beautiful children I believe in interacial marriage have been in one for. You welcome and Hello again Sebastian with your influence I want to ask you a favor There’s a woman by the name of christelyn Karazin who has a YouTube channel that is being attacked by and racist cause her platform represents what you stand for in this article The favor I want to ask is if you and others you know who stand for true genuine love of women and men subscribe to her channel on YouTube These Stone Age people need to be stopped I personally have no problem with a man who is attracted to mostly darker women with more West African features I’m and medium/light complexioned and I like all types of men but when it comes to men I’m not usually attracted to blonde/blue eyed Anglo-Saxon types and culture redheads skinny French men lol If a man prefers darker skin that’s his thing There are a lot of women who have a fetish for very dark men too and have no problem saying they are not attracted to light skinned or more European men How is that different? Some men prefer brunettes or redheads some like a big chest and butt Is that not a “fetish” Why do we have to be singled out as some fetish if all the time? If some man is naturally attracted to a certain type of woman so. Candy saysJ at 1:47 am Amk says Talk to each other It does not matter who is or If you want each other go for it I am a man (from the same place that produced the Ku Klux Klan) who has been married to woman (from the same place) for nearly 30 years When you get married understand that your closest relative is your spouse If anyone else doesn’t accept you it is their loss. Hello there! Thanks a lot for all the advice you have point out on your article that are helpful to many of us I myself been having a lot unanswered question but now they are answered somehow I’m an African and grow up in Uganda An East African country where there is less people more so in my village Though ever since i was little until now I’m so much attracted and i want to date and marry a man it’s not because i grow up seeing them or else but I just have that in my heart and I still hope that somehow somewhere I will meet the love of my life But what i I ask myself is how while i meet him? this bathers me a lot because i have never traveled abroad or even meet one in my society and however much i try to get it off my heart it just can’t though i tried to date s but things went the other way I’m in confusion and i don’t know what. Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 12:16 pm Sebastian Harris says at 2:05 am The family can also be a major reason why there are many s who hide their preferences In the same way as there are some racist families there are some racist families A woman who is labeled as a disgrace thinks twice before she admits that she is into s her family her own thoughts and anxieties contribute to more Caucasian men who ask themselves whether or not s like men She might be scared of social judgment She might be worried that you think you have to act She might not even think that a man can possibly be into her And worst of all she might be scared that she will always stay the bed bunny but never become the friend. Wow! I love your article… You just gave. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 7:40 am K s saysAug at 7:46 am Gerardo saysAp at 2:52 am Thank you so much for this post But it’s so painful that most s I’ve met have trust issues Thanks a lot … I live s Been like this since forever but never had the opportunity to. Fredrick hall saysAp at 6:09 pm Really interesting subject.I have dated s most of my life Mostly it was because of the people I hung out with – all races but few s lived in my area i have always been attracted to men too.I married a It doesn’t matter what color he though He makes me laugh hysterically and makes love to me like I’m the only woman on earth No woman can argue with that I say go for it Do your thing Screw what anyone else says or thinks They’re not evolved husband’s a physician and so good at his job that he wins the hearts of almost all people who come into contact with him I love him with all of my heart Sometimes I think about the day one of us will die and I start to cry That’s how much I adore. Dom saysAp at 6:05 pm Fetish the darker the berry the sweetier the juice if it were not the case then look at all the interracial websites Darker like Lopita in 12 Years. Hey Alex the last time I checked I had a dick Oh. Hey Fredrick I agree with everything you said I hope this comment inspires a lot of men. You should be proud to date her. Confident Enough to Not Care About Other People’s Opinions She is confident enough to ignore the looks that you will certainly get She is so confident in her own skin and with the decision to be together with you that she ignores all the staring talking and there will be a lot of it This is just a foretaste of what she has to ignore:“How is it to date a ?”“Is it true that s have smaller dicks?”“You don’t look as if you would date a !”“How did your parents react?”“Look at her Can’t find a decent huh?”“Do you hate your own race?”“This is disgusting Gross!”“Your kids won’t look like you. Anyway I addressed this topic and eventually found out that none of the s I was dating hated themselves or the color of their skin Nevertheless I also discovered the sad truth that there are in fact some women who hate the color of their skin: Click here if you are ready to tell thousands of s that you love the color of their skin  Thankfully the majority of s at least the ones I met in the UK embraced their color The only thing they really hated was the label that other people would give them as soon as they would date outside of. I don’t say that you should forget what happened in the I ask for is to move on and to embrace the fact that interracial dating is in fact legal instead of taking one step back by condemning She Convinces Herself Not to Like You As if the misconceptions that our society still propagates and her family members weren’t enough the answer to the question “do women like s?” is also accompanied by a lot of worries and anxieties that she has to battle the one hand a lot of those anxieties and worries are based on the social conditioning and the family beliefs that she has been exposed to On the other hand some of those anxieties are closely related to her own negative experiences and the negative experiences that other s made.  Honestly as an African-American a little darker than Beyonce and not Biracial I believe its a fetish for both men and many women when it comes to darker skin If you look at the interracial and websites that is all you see dark on Yet sistas like many races of women want their own men! men are in demand! It is hard everyone wants to be loved we need that if you are going to date men one healthy way to determine if he is into you as a person is to see if he is attracted to all shades of ness I am not talking Biracial but all African - If it is a skin tone fetish he or she will probably see sistas who look like Ciara or Lisa Rae who are African_ as equally as beautiful Light skinned or brown skinned sista have kinky hair as well If it is a fetish then he will see these latter two women as “” and that is not what gets. It’s ALL ABOUT LOVE AN RESPECT IT UPSETS ME HOW S SLANDER AND CALL WOMEN SELL OUTS CAUSE THEY DATE S WELL BRO IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE BEAUTY IN ALL SISTERS DON’T DISS THEM IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THEM ESPECIALLY WHEN SO MANY OF YOU S LIKE S….NO DOUBLE STANDARD QUEENS THAT WANT TO DATE S JUST BE YOUR SWEET SELF AND YOU’LL FIND THE RIGHT S TELL ME THEY WANT TO DATE S AN DON’T FEAR REJECTION FROM THEM BUT THE DO FEAR FAMILY REJECTION… GOT TO GOOD WHERE YOUR LOVED AND APPRECIATED… Anders saysJuly 5 2017 at 5:22 pm Steve saysMarch 1 2017 at 11:35 am Glen saysFebru at 8:59 pm Vintage Vintage Porn Great collection of the best interracial sex videos Hardcore interracial sex sets you've been for Meet horny fellas with stiff cocks knocking boots with their tender dissolute chicks This site is rated with RTA label Parents you can easily block access to.

Hey Dani,thanks for sharing your opinion and your experiences Great comment. Hello I found this article interesting I am a living in Kenya I like men…I need me some vanilla Sebastian Harris saysNovem at 7:56 pm Believe it or not but there are quite a few ladies who are afraid of getting embarrassed by their boyfriends who think that acting like Lil Wayne is the key to acceptance in a she is afraid that you will act she will never reveal that she wants to date She is Afraid to Be the Bed Bunny and Never the friend Okay now we come to a serious reason why a might not admit that she is into you even though she totally is okay to not want a friend It is okay to keep it casual and it is also okay to have a one night stand with a woman without marrying her the next day All those things are totally fine no matter if she is or yellow As long as you are honest about your intentions there is nothing wrong with any. D4Mns0N saysJ at 6:01 pm Hey Tiffany I hope this inspires some ladies. Caspero saysSeptember 4 2017 at 5:45 am Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 12:23 pm I would also like to add that some of the most popular youtube interracial couples or bloggers on youtube now are women & men couples and almost all these women are foreign.I think these couples are popular cause they represent a positive image of women & men couples women & men couples are increasing in America(higher outside America) and those couples are being more represented in the media (ex Scandal How to get away with murder and etc) then the typical man & woman couple people feel are the only and relationships that exist Thats why I feel Iman & David Bowie was so admired not only cause Iman was a super model and David Bowie was a rock star Icon but also because they represented a couple people and the media ignores or treats as if they don’t exist. Sebastian Harris says at 1:18 am Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 10:09 am "do girls like men?"I am a and some s take my breath away. As for the comments about lovem and leave them; that can be any skin hue brown Asian and can often be attributed to youth When I met my future wife I was ready to settle down (my biggest concern was could I date a CPA; they always seemed so serious) I think it is that simple. Hey Dom I am glad that you found the most awesome person you. Sebastian Harris saysMarch 1 2018 at 7:56 pm Since when are men abandoned by their. Lately I had this feeling liking women is the new “in the closet” situation When s mention how much they like HW s 9.6/10 agree but treat you like you’re queer if you like BW HOWEVER I notice some their actions don’t reflect their vocal “preferences”:Some of s in Minnetonka MN (shoutouts) are just Like fresh out of AbercrombieI cashiered at a busy Starbucks Three of us were BW The WM we’d serve had this rude edge but as soon as we had convo they simmered down a bit and even complimented our got more tips when the BW were on (12:1) Still waiting for one to drop his number in though lol Your smile alone would have gotten us 18 to a downtown in MN and wear a dress (or anything else that oozes “feminine”) and smile like you own this land Lo and behold you got a man I see WM with BW plenty here and she’s usually Deep cocoa American or African. That’s exactly what my friend Anton did… UPDATE .2016: Case Study of a Man Who Found LoveA couple of days ago I checked my emails and what I found made my jaw drop.I know what you are thinking but no it wasn’t an email from a female groupie It was an email from Anton an American man who read my article overcame his limiting beliefs and found in his own words the love of his are only two things that turn Sebastian Harris into an emotional crybaby:My friend says “I love you” while she looks at me with her cute puppy of my readers finds the woman of his dreams because of one of my time. Connecting with a woman can always be special no matter if she’s or I totally agree with you that it’s important to get past your comfort zone and to appreciate the differences and the variations. Keke says at 3:26 am I’m sure you’ll find the right on Afrointroductions Sebastian Harris saysMarch 3 2017 at 3:15 am Koo saysJ at 3:37 pm Your a troll despite what you are saying women like Condola Rashad & Serena Williams who are African American women just recently got engaged to men who love them even serena’s sister Venus Williams has a boyfriend. Bill saysDecem at 3:03 am Sebastian Harris saysJ at 2:18 am Amk saysAug at 7:34 pm Tiffany saysMay 7 2017 at 6:34 am You are a and you are happily together with a beautiful What does that say about her? She is too intelligent to be narrow-minded She is intelligent enough to not allow racial stereotypes and misconceptions to dictate her dating life She is intelligent enough to not allow the past and the mistakes of the generations before us prevent or destroy something is open-minded and she knows that love sex and feeling connected to another person is beautiful no matter if this person is or She is open-minded enough to rethink false conditioning and to follow. I am from middle east love ladies its not about the color its how you feel about the person: therefore it really does not matter who you going to date as long as both love each others true love does not come from color of your skin I believe it as physical and spiritual connect, Anonymous saysFebru at 4:55 am Neil Gordon saysJ at 8:43 am Your family will survive it Just don’t tell them that you’re a conservative and not a liberal 😛 I have an amazing boyfriend who happens to be I’m glad we didn’t let color be a barrier I’m with a man I can’t see myself without. Commentname * Email * Website Save my name email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey Portia,it’s great to hear that you have found the right And yes it is true that people will always talk and that life is too shot to worry about what people say or think. M interested in s……I’m 23 years old and slender in body…… so any interested plz contact me Sebastian Harris saysAugust 5 2017 at 3:12 am Sebastian Harris saysAug at 2:59 pm The uncomfortable truth that a lot of s I talked with about this issue confirmed is that many dark-skinned women don’t think that any man would be attracted to them Even though they secretly dream about being in a relationship with a they would never give them any signs of attraction because they think that they have no it is messed up While thousands of s ask themselves whether or not the ladies they are so into like them the same women think that no would ever consider dating them.I made the experience that the darker the skin of the was the more she was convinced that no man would be attracted to her I actually talked to one extremely dark-skinned and at the same time incredibly beautiful woman who thought that men are disgusted by the color of. Jtb saysAp at 1:44 am To Sebastian Harris jydo sounds like a troll a American troll don’t take that rubbish comment seriously These men trolls trash people like serena Williams looks but get mad when she is engaged to. Hey Drea that’s awesome I am really happy for you And I knew that you smell like vanilla 😛ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published Required fields are marked * Sebastian Harris saysAug at 2:35 am Glen saysFebru at 8:46 pm Yes this Facebook group has more than members and countless pictures of happy s with their boyfriends or husbands In case you are still not convinced that s actually like s you can look through popular you will find there are frustrated confused and clueless s who ask themselves the following question: Phumzile saysDecem at 2:40 am Hey Bill great to hear that you are also open to dating interracial. Global SeducerSeduce & Date s Around. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 2:35 am Septem at 7:29 pmHmmm… She. Not all s love men or are desperate to. As a white man was/is attracted to dark skinned black women I never understood the label “jungle fever” If I said that I prefer blondes people don’t say “you like them dumb” or redheads “oh you like them fiery” A man likes what he likes and not everybody likes the same; that is why there is not one real tired woman in the world Can I say why I like kinky hair and dark skin? No I just do and always have.I thank the Lord for my beautiful dark skinned wife with very kinky hair who gave me two wonderful children; who helped care for my father in his dying days; who checks on my mother always As a side note: my mom always picks Vanessa’s side in any argument we have; she gave her grandchildren When the world beats me up I have my wife to. Interracial Interracial Porn ASIAN Asian Porn FEMDOM Female Domination I am a proud african lady and i look forward to date the man of my dreams… Hey Neil you can consider yourself lucky that you have found such. Hey Iris you are absolutely right The best thing a woman can o is to smile and make eye contact Simple but effective. She is confident enough to withstand all this negativity and you are important enough for her to be with you is a strong human being who deserves a strong boyfriend. Humorous Enough to Take the Jokes Oh boy she must have some humor to survive the once you go you will never go back jokes and of course all the subtle racist jokes that “weren’t meant like that” can be quite she can deal with it She has enough humor to not get angry when the twentieth male friend comes up to her and cracks a joke about the dick size of s in comparison to s She can laugh it off and she is forward to laugh about it with the only person she really wants to laugh. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 7:42 am Sebastian Harris says at 1:22 am Sebastian Harris saysJ at 2:36 am Sebastian Harris saysSeptem at 7:54 am Lagos saysAug at 12:05 am Home Tubes Tags Search Interracial Sex TUBE Cock.  you should be proud of yourself for ignoring the misconceptions and for going for what you really want.A lot of the misconceptions that I am going to talk about in the following lines can also be directly used to answer the question “do men like s?” but that’s fuel for another ’s have a look at why there are still so many s who wonder if they have a chance with s while the African s who are secretly into them are too shy to even look at them. They Hate to Be One of the biggest misconceptions about s who are into s is that they all hate themselves. But I have gone on two dates now with a I went to high school with but I don’t think I like her She’s kind of what you could call a loser on welfare no job and takes pills she’s addicted I believe Kinda upsets me I don’t like her but I kind of know it’s for the best to not go further with if I really want to I will find “the woman” I think (I hope)! 😀  the proof is ok groups with over active members beautiful African American celebrities who date a desperate forum members who ask themselves why they can’t find a AND countless s who ask Google “do s like men?” because they want to know if they have a chance with the dark-skinned woman of their why is it then that men are the least likely to marry someone outside their own race especially when it comes to marrying s? Why is it then that female male couples are still so rare even though both races are obviously attracted to each other? Well I can only speak from my own experience. S might be a little harder on a You might have to prove your strength on levels that with and Asian women usually take for granted At least that is my story He had to “work: to receive my loyalty But when you receive the loyalty of a woman it should blow your mind We will fight to the finish for anything and everything you desire – in and out of the bedroom i also needed to be sure I wasn’t a fetish and that we could discuss cultural issues from a healthy perspective That did not happen overnight but we got chased me until I couldn’t run any faster It was the most passionate courting ever Still is And yes I do smell like vanilla. If you have the courage to talk to her to seduce her and to sleep with her you should also have the courage to call her your of the best ways to find a beautiful woman who will be proud to be your friend is through this site: A Who Likes Men is…Now you know that a lot of s like men You also learned why it is so hard for a lot of African beauties to admit this truth and to show the s who would love to date them that they are in fact interested show you that a who likes men is not the self-hating race traitor that our society wants her to be I now want to tell you from my own perspective what she really is.A who likes men is…  Sebastian Harris saysJuly 7 2017 at 5:38 am Sebastian Harris saysAug at 5:19 am I have some experience with many of the things in this article as a dude in a serious relationship with an Indian woman in Australia We got stares from some s (mostly just curious it must be said I mean i couldn’t seem to help staring at interracial couples even when i was part of one myself.) The looks we got from most (though not all) indian people – especially s – were just *evil* It never seemed to bother her too much For my part i thought it was hilarious Got a bit of a kick out of it to be honest It’s the troll. Kimmadee saysAug at 10:01 pm Sebastian Harris saysMarch 3 2017 at 3:21 am Iris saysAugust 2 2017 at 3:56 am John saysJuly 3 2016 at 9:19 pm Hey Chey I personally think that mixed women are beautiful and I know a lot of s who feel the same And yes living out your fantasies is totally okay. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 4:32 am Jydo saysDecem at 10:50 pm I am a 60 year old male who has recently fallen in love with a 29 year old lass of Dominican descent The feeling is mutual This was in no way expected planned nor even aspired to by either of us A complete and utter shock for both of us I honestly can’t explain it much less understand it much beyond what I have already stated My heart. I’m not into women i’m into asians and i really to see how it’s possible to be attracted by both since it’s just the opposit in any perspective However those racist BS like “she do it because she hates her own colore” or “she does it because of slave fetishism” really makes me seek Those people are so stupid Racism is discusting Most of people date each other are friends with each other 90% of african-american voted for Obama that’s an official statistic So it’s unbelivable how racist toward whights most s are So when i see a woman who dates a whight man i feel a lot of respect toward her knowing the fact that 1/ it means she isn’t racist contrary to most people and 2/ she is willing to face all the racism and judgments from her family and friends Sebastian Harris saysAp at 8:41 am Larry says at 3:11 am Lagos saysJanuary 4 2017 at 5:23 pm I’m a who adores and loves women but I know that I never have a chance Are their women who actually. Wow So nice I wish to meet an awesome. This was a good read – Thank you for publishing this I love love love s that express the way they feel about sisters I dated men my whole life because i have always thought s are just not into s Recently I have been pursuing s and now thats all im attracted to…i can’t help it I however am bi racial so im not dark at all Do s like mixed chicks? I love the skin contrast omg it drives me crazy I can honestly admit being with a making live to him even holding his hand or kissing him makes me feel in a way men can do Being with whute is my fantasy and that’s okay. Anonymous saysDecem at 4:49 am I was unfortunate enough to let not one but two ladies slip away from me and I have never forgotten them Now I fear I’m too old to be of any interest to almost any lady at 64… I am married to a Thai lady now who is nice but much younger than I I would love to meet a older slim woman of ray forever partner There is a incredible mystic and aura around a tall handsome woman of colour a confidence and stature not many women have To be in that light again would be incredible… In case you are a who loves dark-skinned s with uncontrollable curly hair the following video and the encouraging comments show that you are not the only one: Unfortunately a lot of dark-skinned s still believe that men look at them with disgust This makes it impossible for them to ever admit that they like is your job as a who is into women to change this Tell the dark-skinned beauties you see that they are indeed beautiful.  Larry says at 3:14 am Lola saysAp at 3:27 am Hey Gerardo well said Nothing in life is more beautiful than love. Abbet Sadds saysAug at 7:49 pm Sebastian Harris saysSeptember 5 2016 at 8:33 am Sebastian Harris says at 1:09 am Lon Hebert says Sebastian Harris saysAp at 4:18 am People say a lot of things about a who likes men but the truth is that she is intelligent enough confident enough and that she has enough humor to ignore the haters and to do what she wants She is just a human being who is attracted to another. Sebastian Harris saysJanuary 2 2017 at 12:01 pm Yes a who admits that she likes s and who is not afraid to date a Caucasian man is intelligent confident and has enough humor to survive all the funny not so funny and really bad there is one thing that she also is attracted to s though she might just find it out after she finally kisses one for the very first time: I know it’s a shock but the truth is that there are s who are into s without any are just normal human beings who are attracted to other normal human beings Get over it accept it and embrace the fact that we live in a day and age that allows us to date whoever the hell. Marva saysDecem at 2:36 pm Sindi saysAp at 10:51 am Sebastian Harris saysAug at 2:18 am Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 12:18 pm Toni1982 saysJ at 11:25 pm I love women Green,orange,brown yellow,blue From 90 lbs to 290 lbs A woman that takes care of herself dressed well (clean) smells nice soap is an afrodeciac That makes for an attractive woman for me Most women have POWER that turns me into jelly and curls. Enlightened saysSeptem at 5:39 pm Just be careful with these s my sisters Try to meet someone that wants you because of you Not because they are lonely or for an ego boost men look down on us and see us as an object not a. I can’t believe it! They finally did it they used a woman to pretend she is a dude to write this article for the last few marches of a failing swirl movement I am laughing they went. Well I guess it is due to the fact that most of your readership is American Personally I think I would be better off with a European man a foreign non man or even a non man who isn’t Especially with what is going on in society nowadays American society is going to the pits and I want to avoid it a much as possible. Bananakitty saysSeptem at 11:54 pm Mk saysJ at 5:46 am  all I can say. Last Updated on Ma By Sebastian Harris 161 Comments I am woman and I have a thing for handsome masculine men In the past I even went o dating side to try to find my prince charming but to no avail I love Italian and middle east men but others also. Terminator saysDecem at 1:46 pm Ben DE SILVA JR saysNovember 8 2016 at 5:20 am Sebastian Harris saysSeptember 8 2016 at 7:58 am Yes these words can hurtI still remember the day when one so-called friend of the I was dating made her cry by asking her one brutal question.“You like to be a slave to your master right?”It was a who said that but I am pretty sure that there are also a lot of s who would say stuff like are the kind of sentences that have the power to destroy a beautiful relationship These are the words that make s all over the world think twice before they date a even though that’s what they want to do How Her Family Tries to Convince Her to Not Like You Now you know how our society influences s to answer the questions “do you like men?” with “umm nah not really That would. Sebastian Harris saysOcto at 7:24 am Salima saysNovem at 3:33 am Princessana saysFebru at 5:58 pm P.s If women and men weren’t into each other people like Tia & Tamara Mowry Lauren London Leila Arcieri Bob Marley Jerry Rawlings Lenny Kravitz Jennifer Freeman Noemie Leonir Thandie Newton Amandla Stenberg and more would. Dani saysMa at 2:43 am People have been racist towards us on countless occasions He doesn’t notice as much as I do He doesn’t care is why he doesn’t notice As a couple I know that we experience life differently than same race couples so our love is quite strong It’s as if people esp people want us to break up Any time we have conflict people can’t wait to judge trash or disown me It’s interesting to watch There is always gossip about us between people we don’t even notice are there Of course since he’s a doctor women are more jealous than if he were a janitor You also get to see the most liberal peoples’ racism up close and personal My attitude about it is that God’s in charge because God picked him. Sebastian Harris saysJ at 12:48 am “There must be something wrong about her Why isn’t she dating a man? There are so many good- men and she is holding the hand of this bread It’s a shame.”In case you have ever dated a and you were standing right next to two old men who enjoy gossiping about you you have probably already heard the words I just shared with you.I don’t know why but for some reason a lot of people especially old people tend to believe that all women must naturally be attracted to s and ONLY s Dating someone outside of their race seems to be the proof that something is wrong with the same way as s who date Asian women are labeled as creepy sex tourists women who date s are seen as race traitors who have some serious mental live in a.

This read made me giggle a bit I’m a chick who doesn’t show interest in s because I’m apathetic towards them There is no secret desire or attraction. Good words indeed I am so into men and yes Thank God I’ve finally met my Caucasian man he is from Spain and I am from South Africa we met 2 years ago and next year he is moving to South Africa for good I love my Fiance with all I have and we are expecting our first child in February The only advice I will give to s who likes men is that just be yourself follow your heart and dreams and careless about what people say to u People will always talk Enjoy your life while it’s still last Life is too short to worry about what people say or think of u if u busy living people’s life you will end up going. It’s great to hear that you have found your king Don’t let the opinions of others stop you If you love each other you need to do everything to stay together. Sebastian Harris saysAug at 8:13 am Another popular misconception about dark-skinned ladies who decide to date a bread like me is that they just do it because they want to brag about dating a I know that this misconception is contradictory to the above mentioned allegations but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an the same way as some people believe that s only date outside of their race because they want to get the “exotic ” high five from their buddies it is believed that s hunt s as a this might be true for some s (It would be great if a lady would shine some light on this in the comments) it is definitely not true for all of them From ten women who date a their might be one who does it because she wants to be the first in her social circle who has a course that’s enough to generalize it…  Sebastian Harris saysJanuary 2 2017 at 11:49 am Sebastian Harris saysAp at 12:43 pm Hey Mark hearing your story makes me sad But I hope your words inspire some of the younger s to take their chance and to date whoever they want It’s not the 70s anymore. Chris saysMay 5 2017 at 8:04 pm Drea says at 8:07 am Po saysMa at 4:18 pm John saysJune 2 2017 at 1:18 am Sebastian Harris saysAugust 5 2017 at 2:56 am Tommy saysAug at 10:07 am Tonia says Hey Lon,true a lot of women are incredibly beautiful Great to hear that you also believe in interracial dating. Update .2016: At the end of this article (right before the summed up wisdom) you can find a case study of one of my readers who found the woman of his dreams Make sure to check it out! And no just because I am also into Asian s doesn’t mean that I despise women During the year that I spent studying in the UK I dated two extremely gorgeous dark-skinned women.I like their beautiful brown skin their hearty smile and to be completely honest I love how their skin smells like is okay for me if you want to call me a weirdo for saying that s smell like vanilla but it is not okay if you are a who is totally into s and you have never dated one because you are convinced that they don’t. George Allen saysDecem at 6:36 am Sebastian Harris saysSeptember 1 2016 at 8:06 am Unfortunately a lot of men believe this lie and according to Google more than 1000 desperate s ask the one question that if answered correctly can change their dating life forever… Short Disclaimer: Before I get ignorant racist comments I want to say that I support s who want to date outside their race in the same way as s who want to date outside their race However I am and that’s why I write this article from my point of view In case you are a and you want to write about men dating women feel free to contact me and send me your article I’d be happy to publish it Do s Like Men? The short answer is:Yes a lot of s. I was completely speechless when I heard this sentence Her dad actually said “that’s not what Martin Luther King died for” Despite the proven fact that Martin Luther King didn’t say anything against interracial relationships this statement shows how narrow-minded people no matter if or. Well…it would be foolish to classify a whole race of people as unattractive… I am attracted to s Period I am attracted to s who share similar interests with me s who wear their hearts on their sleeves because when i fall in love i fall hard I am attracted to s who are willing to give a hundred percent of themselves I am attracted to thinkers visionaries and hard workers s who are not afraid to dream big and put in the hours and effort I am attracted to old souls s who have decided to worry about the important things in life s who would rather discuss about mental health than the next hip party (too harsh? Oh well) I am attracted to gentle spirits s who will never raise a hand on me…or emotionally exasperate me Sebastian a pleasant article indeed :p love from a broadly grinning african woman. Lola saysAp at 3:28 am Sebastian Harris saysApril 3 2016 at 9:05 am Here iam I love all shades of woman light dark I don’t care they just make my heart go. Women have many shades of color Not just. Well I live in the most racist or what most of the country considers Mississippi is my home but I have always been attracted to women Doesn’t matter how dark or light I finally met one 4 years ago that I started seeing from California We talked on the phone a few months then finally went out We enjoyed each other’s company so decided to keep on seeing where it would go We’ve been married about a year and a half now and we’get never been happier She is my queen and I her king Opposites attract? I’m a country boy and she’s an LA One thing I love about the gulf coast is if you look around and keep your eyes open? Their are mixed couples everywhere down here… loved your story keep. Congratulations “old ”! May God richly bless your union as He has! It’s taken courage to sustain that love over 30 years so happy for the both of you…you and your wife are the real heroes:-) Sebastian Harris saysAp at 8:17 am I am a but have dated several women The first time was in Hawaii in 1977 We got some snide comments from s and from a few s In the mid 80’s I dated several women in Los Angeles and we did not get one nasty comment or even a second look I am married to woman but if I were single I would not hesitate to date a woman Frankly everyone is so absorbed with their smart phone that they don’t notice. Hey Keke maybe you haven’t met the. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam Learn how your comment data is processed. Eilly saysMay 7 2017 at 8:38 am They hate to be That’s why they don’t date a man They think they are ugly That’s why they try to increase their self-confidence by dating a They don’t want their children to be dark-skinned That’s why they would do everything to end up marrying a Whenever I dated a I heard those accusations You might think that my friends warned me from ending up in a relationship with a by saying those things but the shocking truth (at least shocking for me) was that HER friends said those though I might risk getting one or two hate comments by saying the truth I want to say it anyway:Whenever someone told me that the I dated was only together with me because she hated herself and her race it was another who said that sometimes even close friends If my friends would say such things behind my back I would look out for new friends. Sebastian Harris saysMa at 4:39 pm Omar Samson saysSeptember 3 2017 at 1:56 pm Sebastian Harris saysSeptember 6 2017 at 11:33 am Cnter19 saysOcto at 5:33 am Sebastian Harris says at 12:41 am Hey Destiny it’s true that people in interracial relationships have to deal with racism but I am happy tha you and your boyfriend are so happy together. Erich K saysJ at 5:46 am I am open to dating and marrying outside of my race especially men But I feel like American men aren’t really into women Many of my experiences and statistics point to the fact that the majority of them aren’t interested in dating and women Maybe I will have a better chance with a European since I see more of them with women as opposed to American men. Sebastian Harris saysFebru at 8:12 am Stha saysNovem at 7:21 pm Sebastian Harris saysAug at 2:30 am Shut the fuck up men are more dominant than you and actually know how to make sweet love s fuck like an angry gorilla it makes me puke amd cry because I secretly want to cheat on him with a man and dick looks like crap Creamy dick ftw!! - AMERICAN This comment proves exactly why I encourage you s to date foreign women There’s just too much hate and bitterness in. Sebastian Harris saysDecem at 12:18 pm “Will they still respect me?”These are all questions that a dark-skinned who just thinks about dating a asks herself Just imagine the fear the worries and the crippling anxieties a woman who knows that her parents are extremely narrow-minded and ignorant when it comes to interracial dating has to deal is really hard to admit something when the peer pressure and the family pressure are too high At the same time it is very easy to deny something in order to be liked by your friends and family Sebastian Harris saysSeptem at 9:49 am Actually the comment above was directed to Dohn:-)…congratulations on your courage and Valor for finding love and your soul mate…keep on getting your. I am a and I live in that part of the world where you can see s only in a couple of cities if any at all yeah Though I’m 29 and I’m married to a blue eyed fair hair my type of a I was always into s as long as I remember myself And the fact that in the states men can date these beautiful women while I can only look at them when I’m on my business trips makes me really sad I have like dozens of beautiful s on my instagram i tried to write them and got 0 replies So all those whinig s who have beautiful s of colour near them stop whinig and be men for god’s sake and ignore all the prejudices in your heads Moreover some of my closest friends adore s also so I’m not alone PS: From Russia. Precious saysFebru at 2:36 pm Amk saysJ at 4:10 pm I’m a woman married to a man (15 yrs) whom I truly love I have 2 kids have an MBA and served in the US Army I have dated many races I believe there are insecurities on both sides men and women However I can assure you that their are women that love men I find that when my eyes slip towards another man just of course its the men I find it harder stop gazing at…;-) Sebastian Harris saysJune 1 2016 at 6:55 pm Hey Yassin I’m sure you will. Lagos saysJanuary 4 2017 at 5:15 pm Not all but a lot And I never said that they are desperate It’s just a preference. Hey Steve that’s interesting Usually I get emails from s who want a young Asian woman Do whatever you want Just try to not hurt your wife too much in the process.

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